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Fashion Brands in Social Media

junio 11, 2010 by lidia

I am currently doing research into how fashion brands are using Social Media in the UK today for the company at work at 90:10 Group . We have selected a number of retailers (Asos, Oli, Libery, Harrods, Selfridges, House of Fraser, Westfield) High-street brands (Topshop, Gap, Levi’s, French Connection, Warehouse, H&M, Allsaints, Free people) and some luxury fashion brands (Coach, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Mccartney ). Part of the research is looking at how they engage people like me in social media who may want to promote or have an issue with their products.

Many of you may not know this but brands often now use technology to listen open conversations (not private ones) and get alerted if someone writes a blog and uses their brand terms like I have done here. So I want to test which fashion brands are listening and how quickly they can respond. The findings will be published online for everyone to see so I’m starting the clock ticking now!

Brands: all you have to do is add a comment with your contact details and I will send you a copy of the report. Thanks for playing 🙂

Fashionaires event at Vendome Mayfair

marzo 30, 2010 by lidia

Last week lovely Oliver Morris invited me to his amazing fashion event, Fashionaires at Vendome Mayfair, a beautiful and cosy fancy club in London.

Oliver Morris is the CEO of Fashionaires. Fashionaires is a lifestyle brand which is currently based in London, Italy and Bahrain and soon to be in the US. In just under 2 years the Fashionaires brand has achieved a cult following amongst the creative industry. Fashionaires photo shoots have become a source of inspiration for many fashionistas and creatives in the industry. Events that the brand have created based around some of their important photo shoots i.e. Fashion Circus which was done in London, Italy and Bahrain has received great press reviews. They are currently working with some of the best photographers, make-up artists and event organisers in the business and the brand’s future philosophy for the next decade is do not follow, lead.

With Oliver


The event consisted on a live photo shoot!!! The designer was Mayka Finkelstein, a visual artist and a print designer with a fashion design degree and a commercial and freelance fashion design experience. Mayka has also worked in the Film and Theatre industry (set and costumes) for almost two decades. Mayka’s work includes creating Concepts and Design for Fashion, Installations and Performing Arts.

Lovely Mayka


It was just perfect, I got there very early to meet the makeup artists, the models, Oliver and Mayka. I had the chance to take some behind scene pictures and videos and even interviewed Mayka, a beautiful, sweet, charm human being!! She was lovely and I am so glad I met her in person.  Her label Love Mayka is pure art and her collection breathtaking.

What to say about Oliver, a professional warm person with great qualities and potential to conquest the world!

Make up work

DSC00998 DSC00990

Now meet Mayka (Apologies in advance for the noises…)

Meet Oliver

And meet the actual event

Yes it is a huge snake!!!



There was live nusic


And even a human statue!!


It was all an experience, the night was brilliant!

Faith brown platform shoes with ribbon

marzo 22, 2010 by lidia

My latest buy were this beautiful and stylish brown platform shoes with ribbon included. It was love at first sight…I was looking for brown platform shoes and I literally went to every shoe shop in London unsuccessfully, too uncomfortable, too short, too ugly, too was just impossible to get the right one. Until I got to the last shop and voila…I found exactly what I was looking for, so for that I love you Faith!

DSC00945 DSC00944


I bought recently this lovely leopard print ring from Camden market, from a shop called Bertyandgerty, they also have a permanent shop near the market, they have such a lovely stuff, from second hand shoes to vintage sunglasses to jewelry, etc.

This time the ring is accompanied by a fancy colored nails, I bought this pinky-bright-orange nail polish from a market in the Caribbean, but I´m sure you can get similar in London and Spain…if not just let me know and I´ll go to get you some. Always a pleasure to help friends…  😉

DSC00959 DSC00958

DSC00953 DSC00957


Best hair nourishing care from L’Oreal

febrero 12, 2010 by lidia

If you are looking for hair nourishing you need to try Kerastase Nutritive from L’Oreal. It is the best moisturizes product I´ve ever used, and trust me, I have used loads of them. It is normally used to protect your hair from heat but I use it every time I wash my hair. It leaves your hair, especially if it’s damaged soft, bright and the smell is beautiful. I´ve just used it so I thought I let you know, it is always nice to recommend nice stuff 🙂

You can buy it from your hairdresser or some supermarkets and is so affordable!! I hope you like it.


I was coming out the tube last night after work and I spotted a very nice outfit within the crowd. It was weird to follow and stop someone you don’t know in the middle of a shop to tell her how lovely she looked on her cloth.. but anyway, it was worth it!! Nill is a lovely beautiful girl who very kindly agreed to pose for a picture (you look great btw). She is wearing a grey military coat from Monsoon and a wicked fur bag from Pinki! (great discovery)

Lovely to meet you Nill 🙂

DSC00321 FastFashionMonsoon_GL_29oct09_pr_b_75x113

Apologise for the quality of the coat’s photo, is quite poor.

jo kettle-034 copy shapeimage_7

This is a dream bag, the inside is so pretty and the finish fabulous!

Seldfridge´s Shopping Day

marzo 22, 2009 by cupcakeheels

Hi there! Happy happy days! I had this Selfridges gift card since last Christmas and finally yesterday I went shopping and got crazy with the beautiful Spring-Summer stuff they had. I got quite a few things, so I will write a post from each of them and I will show you some of the outfits I have made with the items. Because like lovely Gok says, you don’t need more than 24 items to have a great wardrobe! (Although I don’t mind having 42 instead… 😉 )

Now, if there is something I love about Selfridges is their amazing windows!!! Enjoy! xx


“Each window acts as a dazzling diorama, encasing a set of fantastically bright products. From the playfully oversized accessories at Marni to the mind bending, whirling prints at Alexander McQueen”